Audit and statutory auditors


We act as auditors for mergers, transformations and their associated diligences.

  • Contractual audit: social, fiscal and financial audit.
  • Acquisition audits.


  • Advice on administrative and accounting organisation
    • Legal: determination of the most suitable structure.
    • General meetings, amendments to the articles of association, transfers of shares, issues of securities, leases.
  • Advice on social matters
    • Termination of employment contracts, profit-sharing contracts.
    • Optimisation of social protection and salary costs, risk management.
  • Advice on tax matters
    • Tax optimisation and risk management.
  • Advice on financial matters
    • Search for funding, partners

Our analysis of the market and your products allows you to anticipate and ensure the sustainability of your business.

We anticipate possible difficulties in order to build a serene future for your company.

Need advice, an accounting audit or a financial expertise vision?

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