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Throughout our mission, we establish a constant relationship of trust with you or your departments. This allows us to be reactive and to provide you with permanent advice in the strategic areas of your company's life.

You can count on our commitment and our investment at your side to make your company dynamic and adapted to the needs of your customers.

Thanks to our experienced team, we are able to offer the following assignments:

  • Maintenance mission:
    this is the mission most commonly carried out by chartered accountants. Our adaptability and experience allow you to choose between several options for this mission:
    • Internalisation of your accounting: if you choose this option, we will provide you with and train you on accounting software that will allow you to make your accounting entries independently. Our role will be to accompany you in this entry when you need it and to intervene on key points such as the recording of inventory and closing entries as well as to carry out a global review of your accounting.
    • Outsourcing your bookkeeping: with this option, you are relieved of all the tasks involved in keeping your accounts. Your accounts will be kept by us using our own accounting software.
    • Partial outsourcing of your accounting: this is the hybrid version of the bookkeeping mission. With this option, your accounts are kept by yourself and by the accountant thanks to the accounting software that we put at your disposal and that allows both parties to edit and follow the accounts of your company.
  • Presentation assignment:
    if you already have an internal accounting department in your company, you can also have your work reviewed and checked to ensure its reliability. Call on our experts for a complete or partial revision of your accounts. We also adapt to your specific requirements and can provide you with interim accounting statements if required.

In addition to these tasks, the management of your accounts involves drawing up the annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, annexes) and interim statements. Our role is also to inform you and prepare you for the changing environment and to prevent you from risks. To provide you with the best possible support, we adapt our services to your changing needs.


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